Bad Effect TV For Kids

Source : Celebrity and Health

– Impact of brain development
On brain development of children aged 0-3 years may cause speech development, inhibiting the ability of reading comprehension, verbal as well. Also, inhibiting the ability of the child in expressing ideas through writing, increased aggressiveness and violence in the age of 5-10 years, and unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

– Encouraging children to become consumptive
The children are the main advertiser target and prompted them to be consumptive.

– Impact of Attitude
Children who watch much TV but do not yet have a high critical power, most likely affected by what is shown on television. Bad Television Effect For Kids – They can not help but think that all people in certain groups have properties similar to those on the television screen. This will affect their attitude and can be carried on until they mature.

– Reduce the learning spirit
Television language simple, compelling, and addictive so it is possible the child becomes lazy learning.

– Establish a simple mindset
Too often watch TV and never read the cause of children will have the mindset of a simple, less critical, linear or unidirectional, and will ultimately affect the imagination, intellect, creativity and cognitive development.

– Reduces concentration
Child’s concentration span of only about 7 minutes, just like the show from ad to ad, will be able to limit the power of concentration of children.

– Reduced creativity
With the TV, the kids become less play, they become human beings and their own individualistic. Every time they get bored, they just pressed the remote control and instantly find entertainment. So vacation time, such as weekends or school holidays, usually mostly filled with watching TV. They seemed to have no other choice because it is not accustomed to looking for other fun activities. This makes the child is not creative.

– Increase the likelihood of obesity (overweight)
We usually do not exercise enough because we used to use leisure time to watch TV, but TV to form an unhealthy lifestyle. Research shows that more children watch TV, they are snacking more between meals, consume foods that are advertised on TV and tend to influence their parents to buy these foods.

Children who do not turn off the TV, so be less risky to moves can never meet their full potential. Also, sitting for hours in front of the screen makes the body did not move much and reduce the metabolism, so fat overlap, it does not burn and ultimately cause obesity.

– Sever the relationship between family members
Most of our children are watching TV more than 4 hours a day so the time for chatting with family usually ‘cut’ or invincible with TV. 40% of families watch TV while eating dinner, which should become a means of ‘shared story’ between family members. So if there is any time with your family, we spent it by discussing what we watch on TV. On average, live TV in the house for 7 hours 40 minutes. Even more alarming is sometimes each family member watching a different event in a different home room.

– more sexually faster
There are so many now show with sexual scenes shown on the time children watch TV so that the child would not want to see things that do not deserve him. With good nutrition and stimulation of the TV that is inappropriate for the age of the child, the child becomes sexually mature daughters or faster than it should. And unfortunately, with the curiosity of children is high, they have a tendency to imitate and try to do what they see. As a result, as we often see today, children become perpetrators and victims as well as sexual behaviors. Increasingly tight competition among the media business, so they often ignore the social responsibility, moral & ethical.

So, Who Should Reduce Watching TV?

All and every person. Because of the harmful effects provided by the TV is not limited by age, educational level, social status, lineage and ethnicity. All walks of life can be affected adversely from the TV, parents, children, the rich or the poor, the smart and the stupid, they are from whatever background, still affected the same. Should government agencies, educational institutions, religious institutions, families and individuals all together support the ‘Day Without TV’ is, to build a better nation.

Consider life without TV

With more evidence of how TV can provide a variety of adverse effects, many families now make their home free-TV. It is important for children to have the opportunity to learn and have direct experience of life so that they can develop the skills they need to succeed in the future. If you think of life without TV is still too difficult, then slowly and watch carefully to limit your child’s year-round spectacle.

Want to see a healthier generation of children? Families are closer? A more civil society? Turn off the TV. Things that may be small but will have a major impact!

Help us to spread the danger to public TV, by increasing public awareness, helping people to enjoy life without TV, helping them make the activity of free-TV, and offers simple tips on how to do it, we’ll help millions of kids to turn off the TV and realize that life without TV is more pleasant and soothing.

By turning off the TV, so we have time for family, friends, and to our own.

What Benefits DAY WITHOUT TV?

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